These are some highlights

that makes FIRELIGHT GLASS Crystal Oil Candles

so special:



Kransens Art & Design

We can also, against extra fee

help you with engraving company name et cetera.

· Handblown glass with a wick made of fiberglass.

· Firelight Glass Collection of glass oil candles and lamps are transparent functional design pieces.

· A constant flame height.

· The fuel is lampoil.

· The wick itself does not burn, it draws up the lampoil from the reservoir and only the oil burns on the top.

· No smoke or odor.

· They can not explode.

· No need to replace the wick - high performance lifetime fiberglass & glass wick.

· The wicking is matched to each candle design in order to achieve an optimum flame height and long burning performance.

· Long burningtime - from 12-500 hours depending on what product you choose.


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